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  • A never ending story: Welsh Devolution

    Grayling Wales’ new Account Executive Natasha Egan-Sjodin takes a look at the political implications of the new Conservative UK Government for those in Cardiff Bay.

    By Natasha Egan-Sjodin 28/07/2015
  • The jewel in the social media crown

    There are some very simple tactics you can implement to ensure your content is engaging enough to entertain humans and/or goldfish if desired.

    By Adam Fitzpatrick 24/07/2015
  • Palace (School) of Westminster end of term report

    There is no doubt that the standout pupil his term has been little Georgie Osborne. Watching him brandishing his Budget, I couldn't have been prouder of him than he was of himself (or was that smugness?).

    By Bobbie Davies 24/07/2015
  • Before you discount the Corbyn surge, don’t forget that this has happened before…

    A recent, bruising election defeat for Labour. Deep divisions within the Party, driven by a left-wing grassroots movement demanding retribution for the betrayals of the former Labour government. A leadership contest with a dearth of credible options. A left-winger in his mid-60s (who supports nuclear disarmament and opposes neoliberal economic policy) becomes a late entrant to the contest and gains momentum. No, I’m not talking about Jeremy Corbyn or Labour’s current situation.

    By Grayling 17/07/2015
  • Defining Sustainability in Business

    Why is transparency a factor of sustainability? Because transparency goes hand-in-hand with accountability.

    By Lucy Huber 16/07/2015
  • Can Britain get Europe to dance to its tune?

    With the EU continuing to put the finishing touches to its musical “how to solve a problem like Greece” the issue of the UK leaving the EU has been shunted to the sidelines. Yet as the German car manufacturers tweeted just last week “Keeping Britain in the EU is more significant than keeping Greece in the Euro.”

    By Grayling 10/07/2015