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  • Is it time to divorce your brand from Facebook?

    Ultimately, does your Facebook Page help you achieve your business objectives?

    By Chris Lee 21/10/2014
  • Why UKIP want a Labour Government and why the last thing Farage craves is a referendum on Europe?

    Nigel Farage has carefully crafted his image of beer drinking, plain speaking, honest to god, good egg. The sort of chap, if you like that sort of thing, who’d be good company for a few beers in the pub, a game of arrows and a curry. And, recently at least, this approach has worked in terms of electoral success; perception is reality in politics as in so much else. But is it really the case that Nigel and Co. want nothing more than a referendum on Europe as soon as possible, or have they got their sights on an even bigger prize?

    By Richard Jukes 17/10/2014
  • The politics of climate change

    When the Secretary of State responsible for energy is AWOL, we were not expecting any major policy announcements - and we were not wrong.

    By Michael Saxton 14/10/2014
  • Every Crumb Counts

    It’s increasingly evident that a more collaborative and holistic approach to food development and distribution must be taken if we are to achieve a sustainable food system.

    By Victoria Page 14/10/2014
  • Good growth

    Tackling climate change and creating lasting economic growth can go hand-in-hand.

    By Michael Saxton 13/10/2014
  • Lib Dem Autumn Conference round-up

    As we approach the next election, Grayling were on hand in Glasgow to examine some of the key policy debates up for discussion with Lib Dem members. In our exclusive video, the team discuss what we can learn from the latest Lib Dem Autumn Conference, as well as when we can expect to see the much rumoured reshuffle.

    By Craig Ling 10/10/2014